Advanced: Non-python Access


The repo API is a standard REST API that you can access with any tool that you normally use to interface with APIs like postman or curl.

To authenticate pass Authorization Token {token value}. You can get your API token

Example with curl using the demo account

curl -H "Authorization: Token 69337d229e1e35677623341973a927518a6abc7c"

REST API Documentation

Swagger documentation is provided at


d6tpipe uses short-term credentials to secure data pipes. That means you have to request new credentials from the REST API. To use the AWS CLI, add the latest credentials to environmental variables and then you can use the AWS CLI as usual. For more details see

c = pipe._get_credentials() # pass write=True for write credentials
# or GET{pipe_name}/credentials/?role=read

# linux - set env vars
print(f'export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={c["aws_access_key_id"]}')
print(f'export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={c["aws_secret_access_key"]}')
print(f'export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN={c["aws_session_token"]}')

# windows - set env vars
print(f'SET AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={c["aws_access_key_id"]}')
print(f'SET AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={c["aws_secret_access_key"]}')
print(f'SET AWS_SESSION_TOKEN={c["aws_session_token"]}')

# use aws cli
print(f"aws s3 ls {pipe.settings['options']['remotepath']}")